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Noosa Oceanrider’s boat the Gemini Waverunner 850

The Waverider 850 is Gemini Marine’s benchmark product and what we use at Noosa Oceanrider.

Its popularity is demonstrated by the fact that is exported to 40+ countries as it offers exceptional comfort and excellent handling at top speeds, especially in heavy seas.

Our Waverider 850 has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers in six rows of two meaning everyone gets a comfy ‘window seat’ and there is no competition for the best view! 

Gemini Marine was established in Cape Town and for the past 30 years has designed and manufactured RIB’s (rigid inflatable boat) for many of the world’s rescue, military and patrol organisations. Some of Gemini’s clients include the NSW Water Police, Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police and Australian Special Emergency Services, demonstrating the high performance & safety standards of our boat at Noosa Oceanrider meets, putting your mind to ease as you enjoy the tour of your choice. 

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