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Whales and Sharknets

a person riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

Photo by Fi Clark Photography

On September 30, we witnessed a humpback calf caught in the shark nets off Noosa Main Beach and contacted fisheries along with many others. Unfortunately, QLD fisheries were unable to attend until the morning due to conditions and quickly fading light. It was distressing to watch the calf thrashing and its mother circling nearby, imagining the stress and fear they would have been experiencing; and not knowing if it would survive the night.

Fortunately, the calf did survive, and it was released at 6 am the following day after a long and stressful night. This was the second calf caught in the Sunshine Coast shark control program in as many days. If you, like us, believe that the shark nets should be removed to prevent the capture of unintended victims such as whales, dolphins and turtles, please sign the petition to tell the Queensland government that it’s time to remove the nets.

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One of Noosa’s most breathtaking experiences, there is nothing more magical than watching these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Noosa’s aquatic backyard plays host to the humpback whales during their annual migration every winter where you can watch them frolic & play whilst taking in stunning natural cliff formations, lush emerald forests, pristine little coves and sweeping beaches.