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Humpback Whale Quiz

a man swimming in a body of water


  1. How much do humpback whales weigh?
  2. What do you call humpback whales nostrils?
  3. How many blowholes does a humpback whale have?
  4. How long can a humpback whale stay underwater?
  5. How long does a humpback whale’s song last?
  6. How many kilograms of food do humpback whales eat in feeding season?
  7. How much milk does a humpback whale calf consume daily?
  8. How long do humpback whales live?
  9. What do humpback whales eat?
  10. What is the biggest threat to humpback whale survival?


  1. Up to 40,000 kg
  2. Blowholes
  3. Two
  4. Up to 40 minutes
  5. 15 minutes or longer, sometimes hours
  6. 1,000 kg per day
  7. 400 to 500 litres
  8. 40 to 100 years
  9. Small fish, krill & zooplankton
  10. Human disturbance – nets, marine debris, acoustic pollution, oil spills etc
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