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Baby dolphins

All our favourite dolphins including Missy & Piecey have been spotted with babies recently!

Dolphins are incredibly sexual and non-monogamous animals, and unlike other marine mammals will mate any time of the year and just for pleasure.

During mating periods, male dolphins (bulls) can become aggressive with one another competing to find a mating partner (cows). In less competitive groups, males may attempt to court the female by bringing her gifts, singing or displaying his youth and fitness through various acrobatic stunts.

Dolphins carry offspring in their womb and typically give birth once every one to six years. The average gestation period can vary significantly depending on the species from 9 months up to 17 months.

Dolphins produce thick paste-like milk which has a high concentration of fat, allowing the milk to travel through the water without breaking up. Baby dolphins (calves) also create a very tight seal around the mother’s nipple to prevent it from making contact with the saltwater.

Depending on the dolphin’s species, the baby will suckle anywhere between six months to two years when it can hunt for food on its own.


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